Friday, June 04, 2004

The Usual Suspects...

We got a call yesterday from the Marines guarding CPA headquarters. There were two older ladies there who had been there every day for the last month and were harrasing these Marines to death. (They were demanding to see Paul Bremer.) So, we roll up to the CPA parking lot. CPT and I walk to where the Marines are holding these two ladies. We get the brief about them, that they keep demanding to talk to Bremer and that they would like the women to be escorted outside the Green Zone. So, CPT and I ask them to stand up and come with us. The first lady is like 5 feet tall, with her arm in a sling. (From a car accident a month ago, in which she wasn't hurt.) CPT takes the lead and asks me to take the trail position. The second lady is, I kid you not, all of FOUR FOOT FIVE and chinese with big square red glasses on her face. The Marines decide to walk with us to the vehicles. Since the first woman could walk pretty good, they soon pulled ahead. So, picture this in your mind. 2 heavily armed marines and two soldiers (one of which was me) in full battle rattle escorting this FOUR FOOT FIVE Tall old lady down the sidewalk in front of the CPA and she's walking slower than I can low crawl. Every CPA official walking by was ROLLING. These two Brits come up behind us and one says "Make sure she doesn't run away!" I was just hoping there were no TV cameras. Although, everyone would be laughing, cause I sure was. B

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