Thursday, June 10, 2004

This one the checkpoint...

In order to get in the checkpoint, you have to have some sort of access badge, and in some cases, a memoradum with a proper photo ID can get you in. So, this one the checkpoint, this teenager walks up and says he works at the hospital, he needs to get to work. They ask him for some proof, and he's got no badge, no name or number to call, nothing. They tell him without some sort of proof he's not getting in. He stands there for a second, walks 20 feet away, and whips a piece of wrinkled paper out of his pocket. He scribbles furiously on it (IN ARABIC) for a few seconds and signs the bottom. He turns, walks back to the checkpoint, and hands it to the soldier. He says that this his is proof that he works at the hospital. The soldiers just shakes his head. Just go away.


Blogger Jess said...

Yaaaaaaaaay! Teenagers are the same all over the world! When I'm on lunch duty, I'm not supposed to let kids go by me unless they have a pass. And they do the EXACT SAME THING! I mean, come on, at least get out of my eyesight before you forge the pass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, it's donk- hope you are doing well out on the tip of the spear. I know what you mean, we had an IRaqi sho up with a hand written ORDER from the brigade commander to build his town a well and order a neighboring village to pay his muktar for water... except for some reason the brigade commander spelled his name incorrectly, and best of all promoted himself to "Major Commander of Allied Forces, Tall'Afar, Iraq" He didn't make it past the front gate!
Missing the 'raq, wish I was there to help ya hunt down those rocket sites- 120mm registered on their pos would really calm them down....


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