Friday, June 18, 2004


Well, I guess here it would TAIT (Thank Allah It's Thursday). Anyway, last night, some Iraqis got married and the Reception got a tad out of hand. Apparently one guy accused another of stealing beer and things went downhill. By our reports, it was a 100 person brawl and I missed it. Bummer. Ah, probably a good thing, as soon as we showed up to start crackin heads there would have been news cameras all over that place. So, I guess it's a good thing we missed it. I definitely just passed out for like 3 hours today. I'd been outside all day, drinking more water than I thought humanly possible, and started not to feel so good. So, once we got back, I decided to lay down for a bit and woke up 3 hours later. Lol.
So, I read the other day some group conducted a poll in Iraq and found out that all of them want us gone and see us as occupiers. Well, I know where they must not have checked. The Green Zone, cause everyone I've talked to, young or old, has said they like having us around. That if we leave, there will be a civil war. One said asking us to leave is like playing Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol. I don't know if maybe it's just that our unit has had the right approach, or that we have the right people, but they like having us in charge of their security. They surely do not want Iraqis in charge of their security, too many are still taking bribes and not enforcing all the laws. My crew was discussing that they just need to grab up all the Queen's New York cops, hand them the rules, and let them loose. The Iraqis would never know what hit them. I'd love to sit back and watch that transformation. Anyway, my main point is that the Iraqis do actually want us here, at least until they can clear out the corruption and get their feet up under them, then they will allow us to leave and invade Syria. J/K. Well........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey get it straight it's not Syria that we need to invade its Saudi Arabia. That's where the big problems are. That's where all the really bad guys are...they don't even really need to hide...the royal family has been paying them off (trying to keep from being killed) for so long Al QAEDA is freaking rich. So Saudi Arabia is our next problem...
But maybe that's just my opinion...


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