Monday, June 14, 2004

lost in translation...

At lunch today with my CPT, and two of our translators, (one who is like 24 and the other who's like 50ish) the server handed us all canned sodas. I take mine, and like subconciously, like normal, I tap the top of the can to make sure it doesn't explode when I open the can. Our younger interp looks over at me and says, "Why do Americans tap the top of the can before they open it, because I've started doing it and I've been saying to my self 'you IDIOT, you keep tapping the top of your can and you have NO idea why you're doing it!' so please tell me why you do that?!?" I'm just rolling on the floor at this point, so, I stop laughing long enough to explain it knocks the bubbles off the sides of the can, keeping it from exploding when you open it. He looked SO relieved when I finished. So, now he knows why he's tapping the top of the can. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

That's a good one Brian...what more bs can you feed those poor Iraqis before you leave? lol *wink* I'm teasing always ;)
I've been asked by various people (all Americans believe it or not) why I tap the top of the can. And you know, I've not been able to swag that intelligent sounding of a response. Frankly I'm not sure why I tap the top...some faulty belief in that it'll save me from getting soaked I suppose. You know what...I really think it's all bunk...that the tapping doesn't do anything except make me feel better. I can't come up with a good scientific reason why it should do ANYTHING. But it's become so habit at this point I can't stop myself. I doubt if it really does anything significant. Because I tell you, if a soda can is loaded, a few measly taps on the top isn't going to disarm the's gonna explode anyway (although if it's it could foam over when you open it MAYBE it does some good...but I still doubt it). But it's nice to know I'm not the only one who questions my motives every time I tap it (I too started doing it inexplicably after being surrounded by people who did it... some contageous habit that is!) least you gave that poor guy some peace of mind...even if it is a bunch of bs...*wink*

I think we should make an experiment of it when you get back...shake up some cans, tap 'em and see if you get soaked. hehehe! Don't think I'm dumb enough to get in the line of fire! But I'll watch!! ;)

~Jess :-D