Saturday, July 10, 2004

Wannabe tanker...

Part of being a Fire Support Officer is getting attached to a manuever company. In my case, I am attached to a Tank company. When we first got here, they did not have any tanks, it wasn't believed that they would need them in the Green Zone. The higher powers that be decided we needed tanks, so they shipped them FedEx from Fort Hood. Now that they are here, they have to be outfitted with all their proper gear, including tank main gun rounds. This is where I come in. I really am a wannabe tanker. It was my first choice for a branch (Armor) and something I always wanted to do. We were short on manpower yesterday, and so I was asked to help load main gun rounds. The round is about 100 pounds and 2.5 feet long. Not too heavy at first, but carrying and then lifting them onto the tank sure gives you a nice workout. (Yes, I am sore.) Also, add to that, it was around 120 degrees outside when we were doing this. Quite the workout.
AND while we were out there, the Captain walked by and said to me "THIS is outside. Trees, sun, sky." I couldn't believe he busted me out like that, ESPECIALLY cause the reason I spend so much time inside is that I'm STILL making badges for HIM. I guess no matter where I go, I'll end up being a computer doing something. It's my lot in life. ;-) Which is perfectly okay, I like A/C. B

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