Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July!!! Woo hoo! As much as I wish I were back in the States standing over grill cooking up some sweet steaks, I can't help but think it's pretty cool to be in Iraq today. I keep thinking of that scene in the Great Escape where the Americans celebrate the 4th in the midst of the British inside a German POW camp. Not that I think that I'm in some sort of prision camp (well, maybe a little), the parallels are still there. Supposedly they are roasting several goats and a pig for a semi-party tonight. I hope I get to attend that shin-dig. As for Baghdad and the International Zone (someone decided that the term "Green Zone" connotated that there are different areas of safety in Baghdad and could be offensive ), it's been rather quiet. I hope that the bad guys don't decided to launch fireworks of their own tonight. That sure would put a damper on things. And maybe they'll even launch the million dollars (yeah, they bought a million dollars worth of fireworks) worth of fireworks tonight. That would be quite a show, especially since every Iraqi with an AK would slap in a mag of tracers and let em fly. Lol. I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth and remembers to eat a couple steaks and throw down some beer for the troopers over here in Iraq. B

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