Friday, July 02, 2004


It is now the second of JULY (thanks, Dad) and it's another quiet day here in the Green Zone. I didn't wake up to explosions or gunfire. I never thought I'd say this, but this quiet is kind of disconcerting. It looks like we're preparing to resume normal operations and it seems that this is a year 2000-ish bust. I'd hate to be wrong, but I'm hoping more now that ever that this quiet will be sustained. The going theory is that everyone is waiting to see what this new government does with it's newfound power. I, along with everyone else, am hoping that they do the right things and get this country back on its feet. They have all the tools, including HUGE oil resources. (I wonder sometimes how much oil I'm sitting on right now.) If we can keep the bad guys at bay long enough, Iraq could really come out of this way ahead.
Anyone being reading/hearing about Saddam Hussain's trial? Yeah, it makes for some pretty interesting and funny reading. The asked him what his name was, for the record, and he said "Saddam Hussain, President of Iraq." Lol. He claims he is the rightfully democratically elected president of this country. Riiiiiiiight. The article I read says that the tenant of his defense is that under Iraqi law, the president cannot be deposed by an illegal invasion. Hmmm, I wonder who wrote that law? And what would be a legal invasion? (I think you could call America's current infestation with lawyers a legal invasion. :-) ) Saddam Hussain is going to go down hard and protesting the whole time. One of the Iraqis interviewed said they should burn him alive, and let dogs loose on him. Ouch. Another said they should do what he did and kill off his entire family. (Oops, didn't we already do that?) I don't think most Iraqis like him very much. And as long as the ones who do keep strapping bombs to themselves, that problems should be dealt with soon enough. Anyways, time for chow. Later. B


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...

I know y'all are 8 hours ahead but are y'all 1 month behind. :)


CBFTW said...

Cool blog site. I'm also in the army, and in Iraq and it looks like you guys down at Baghdad are going thru the same kinda stuff we're going through up here in Mosul, Iraq. It was kinda crazy here a couple days ago but its been unexpecingly quite the last couple days here as well. Good job on the site, thats cool that you keep it constantly updated with new blog posts.