Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Something must be in the air over here...

I think there's something in the air over here driving people out of their minds.  We've had a division sergeant major relieved, a division commander relieved, 3 battalion commanders relieved, and untold others moved since we've gotten here.  There is something about this situation that has caused a crazy amount of stupidity.  Doing things that are just DUMB.  I can't really go into it, but things that they should KNOW better.  I mean, some of these people have spent 20+ YEARS in the army.  They should know better by now.
Not to say that the stupidity factor isn't already high (Donk, I know you can back me up on this one) but man, what were they thinking?  I'm just amazed.  Behavior you would expect out of some private with no more sense then a concrete block.  Absolutely amazing. 
And for a great example of the normal level of stupidity.  (We were talking today and if they made a movie of things over here, no one would believe it.)  An Iranian National came to the checkpoint with information about nuclear weapons in Iran.  But he only spoke Farsi, which has some Arabic elements to it.  So, we could kind of tell what he was saying.  He wanted to give us the information but also to surrender to the United States Government here.  Guidance from higher said to take his statement and hold him there.  As long as possible.  So, I ask, why do we want to hold him after he gives his statement?  Higher says, cause we're trying to find someone that speaks Farsi.  Ok, makes sense.  BUT HE WANTS TO SURRENDER.  Give himself up.  And we're just messing around.  I even asked about the State Department getting involved and got told to stay in my lane, dumb lieutenant.    And yes, we are the greatest army in the world.  And no, I have no idea how.  B

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