Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Very very quiet...

So, I really have nothing much to talk about or discuss. It's been really quiet here lately but the tension everyone was feeling is gone. I think everyone is starting to hope that things really have calmed down and the Iraqis can go about rebuilding the rest of their country. I have to say, today was just about the hottest day since I've been here. We sat outside for about an hour and I was TOTALLY soaked by the time we got back. It was insane how hot it was.
Somewhat funny story for ya'll. The uparmored suburban rolls into the Green Zone (just about the safest place in Iraq) and stops just past the gate (inside the GZ). They all get out, wearing just DCUs, and move to the back of the truck. Opening the hatch, they pull out their OTVs and Kevlars, put them on, get back in the truck, and drive away. Someone tell me what sense that makes? Driving around the red zone with no protection, but put it on when they get in the GZ.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude! It was hot here in the states today as well. We had a vicious thunderstorm. Knocked out power and the was a twister. Good reading your entries! Keep safe. signed, Jeffrey and Kim

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude! Glad things are quiet!! Keep safe!!.......signed, Jeff and Kim

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey it's donk- yeah those CIA and SF- D dudes only put their stuff on when they are around "us regular army guys" which confirms my suspicion that the only practical funtion of the kevlar is to be so distict (read: annoying) that it helps prevent blue- on blue ;)


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