Wednesday, July 14, 2004


For those of ya'll who have caught the news today, a pretty massive vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) exploded at the checkpoint my unit is responsible for. No Americans were killed and only one slightly injured but we lost 2 of our fellow Iraq brothers in arms. They gave their life in the ultimate sacrifice for their country. There are very few acts more noble than that. They will be buried with honors as if they were one of us.
As for me, I'm exhausted after spending all day on the checkpoint and am going to get a shower and some much needed rest. (It was 127 degrees today.) Hopefully tomorrow will be quiet and we can all get back to work. B


Blogger Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear about your friends. Everyday you face situations that most of us can only imagine, and you have my admiration and respect for that. Thanks for taking care of things.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Ahmed, I would like to thank you for the BDA on the attack that was conducted today. Thank you very much you big mouth american soldier.
OPSEC- practice ii ASS WIPE.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ahmed" is an asshole. His battle damage assessment was all over Fox, CNN, etc., with photos. He didn't need to search the net for a soldier's casualty count.

Keep up the good work and keep your chin up. We don't all agree back home with the case for sending you there, but we sure ass hell are proud of you and want you all to come home boht safe and proud of the job you did.

As for assholes who keep bombing checkpoints, they must understand with their every action they are strengthening the determination of the US stay until the job is done.

Anonymous Grace said...

You must know this is a new kind of war, now one involving tribes who have different ways of finding common ground. We need leaders who understand tribal thinking. Where are our Native Americans to lead you there, to open doors your well-meaning commando officers never will?


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