Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Who thought cold water would be a luxury...

After groggily ripping yourself out of the hungry jaws of sleep, you stumble to the shower. Still blearly eyed, you turn on the hot water. Check. Now, reaching for the cold water handle, you try to get a nice temperature to enjoy your shower. But all that comes out is boiling water. Confused, you step into the shower hoping that the water will mysteriously cool down as it...OW...OW...HOT! Sound backwards? Used to actually running out of hot water? Welcome to IRAQ! Yes, in their infinite wisdom, the builders put the water tank on the ROOF of the buildings. Yes, this would be on the ROOF, as close as possible to the firey ball in the sky some call the sun. And just to make sure that it gets nice and how, the water even flows through a hot water heater. Now, this might not be a big problem if we were somewhere like, Michigan, but we're in IRAQ, where it normally gets around 110 degrees. And as we all know, water likes to store heat. I never thought I'd say this, but what I wouldn't give for a cold shower. B

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