Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Job update....

I just talked to the guy actually in charge of my job switch in order to find out what was going on. The guy I was in a rush to replace (by Sept 1st) was replaced by an Infantry LT so, I'm basically waiting now for my actual replacement to come in. Because of the job I do, I have to actually wait for an Artillery LT to come in from Hood. And who knows when that will happen. Let's just say that 2-82 BC isn't in a big hurry to replace the FISTers. He seems mainly concerned with getting replacements for 2-82. Anyway, what this means for me is that I'm basically on hold until my replacement comes in. If he ever does.
As for things Iraqi, it's quieted down a lot here. There have been very few mortar/rocket attacks lately and no reports of a bad guy army invasion. The National Convention (thanks for posting that article, JDenn) that was supposed to be 2 days long has decided to keep meeting until they can get their issues resolved, or at least on the way to being resolved. It's still a great step for Iraq and something they should all be proud of. That's about all that's going on now. Later. B


Darnell Clayton said...

That is cool to hear about. Do you think that the Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr will give in? I hear he is ready for peace. Selah!

madtom said...

here is the news if you have not seen it yet
these two are good.
Oh and I think that all this noise was just to cover up the congress


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