Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Food Cravings...

So, we're almost to the sixth month mark here in Iraq and that must mean that it's time for the insane food cravings to hit. You know how, in the states, you get a craving for something, you just go get it. Not so here. Even if we could get what we're craving, it usually doesn't hit until AFTER everything is already closed. Like the other day, I'm sitting on night radio watch and this commerical comes on the TV showing Chinese food. CHINESE FOOD. Grrr. My stomach starts rumbling and I have this crazy craving for chinese food. And no way to get it, especially at 4 am. Two days ago, one of the guys busts into my room, BEGGING for anything even vaguely chip-like. So, of course we didn't have any, but he kicked off one heck of a craving for chips and dip with my roommate and I. Grrrr. And yesterday, I was playing Risk (the game, and actually winning, for the moment) and one of the guys started talking about real pizza, and burger king burgers, and real fries, and steak. The whole game stopped as we sat there, just imagining those things and how good they would taste. We all snapped out of it at once and were ready to kill this guy. Why'd you do that? OH, jerk, you're going home tomorrow. GRRR! (He said he was going to seal up some McD's wrappers and bring them back to tease us. I think we shall have to kill him if he does.) I'm hoping this food craving phase stops, cause I can't keep dreaming of steak at night. I can't get no sleep. B

P.S. Speaking of dreams, one of my roommates woke up this morning having had a dream where he couldn't stop staring at the sky cause it has white puffy things in it (I think they're called "clouds"). I think we've been here too long.

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keepurhandsoutofurpanties said...

hi.. ive been reading ur post all so often and i decided to comment.. well.. nice interesting blog you got here about the war.. good luck to you in everything you do and best wishes.. may God bless you..