Wednesday, August 25, 2004


As some of you know, I'm not much of a soccer fan (I'm way too obsessed with football to leave any room for another sport) but I couldn't help but watch the Paraguay-Iraq game last night. Partially cause we were actually ordered to monitor the score and partially cause I genuinely wanted Iraq to win. We had to monitor the score (and yes, it feels surreal) because some Iraqis have a habit of grabbing an AK and firing hundreds of rounds in the air when they win. Even with that, I was still pulling for the Iraqis to win. How awesome would that be if Iraq had brought home the gold. Man. Like one broadcaster said, no one deserves it as much as Iraq. I was very sad to see them lose that game. My sympathies to Iraq and their loss.
Also, I was quite mystified the other day when I logged on and found that I had had 150 hits in ONE day. I couldn't believe the numbers. So, I started poking around on Iraqi and Soldier blogs and found that my blog has made the List of Iraqi Blogs. YAY! What a great moment in my blogger career. ;-) B


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Hey it's Kristie from back home.....Congratulations Mr. Blogger of the year....quite an achievement....hehehe


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