Friday, May 21, 2004

What I would give for a full night's sleep

But as my boss says, sleep is overrated and that's why coffee is very much my friend. I don't even put anything in it anymore. Black as motor oil to get me going in the morning. But at least it's always something different waking me up earlier than I want to. Sometimes it's car bombs, sometimes rockets, sometimes people at one of the checkpoints who have "information", and sometimes just choppers buzzing our building for no apparent reason. Like I said, at least it changes. Green Day's Time of Your Life just came on the radio. Wow that brings be back to freshman year in college. Who would have thought I'd be sitting in Iraq 5 years later. Jeez. Anyway. I gotta get back to entering the rest of the Iraqi names I've got into my database. I swear these people need birth control bad. Dude 60 years old, 10 a 2 room apartment. Something just wrong with that. But props to the old dude. ;-) Lata.

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