Saturday, May 22, 2004

Crazy nights...

So, here's another one for my great stories collection. I've finally sat down, loosened up my boots, and started to watch a little TV. One of the guys on radio comes in and tells me that we have a situation. The guy controling power to a large part of the Green Zone has shut down the power and locked himself in the power station until he gets paid. So, I jump up and go to the radio to find out more information. This guy has gotten 4 guys with AK-47s to protect him inside the building and is demanding 4 or 5 dollars to turn back on the power. FOUR or FIVE DOLLARS? I call back and ask if someone has considered just giving him 5 dollars. Of course I'm shaking my head. They come back that he wants 5 dollars from EACH FAMILY he supplies power to. He supplies 30 families so that makes about 150 dollars. He's shut off power to an American checkpoint for 150 dollars. That not make sense to anyone else? And of course, after briefing our Commanding officer, he goes running out to the checkpoint to, I assume, meet the business end of MR. LONG RIFLE. :-) LOL. So, I'm still waiting to hear the end of this one. I'll update this when I find out.

UPDATE: Sure enough, they did a cordon and raid. Meaning, they surrounded the building and then told the people inside we would shoot them if they didn't come out. There were 2 armed guards (who were FPS Workers, Iraqis we hire, give uniforms and weapons to guard things in Iraq) who tried keep their weapons. Apparently, put your weapon down or we WILL shoot is an effective statement outside of movies. So, endstate is power back on to the checkpoint and to the families.


Blogger Dave Solimini said...

Hey Brian --

great idea with the blog... ive been using you as my offset to "oh my god" journalism lately -- keep it up. Glad to know you're safe and doing well...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq's version of "Mr Evil"..."One hundred fifftyy Dollars or I plunge the world into darkness,Muhaahaha"....Uh, abdul, that's too low, go for a thousand dollars! Oh ok,.."Make that one thousand fify dollars, muhahaha.."...markE


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