Friday, May 21, 2004

Friday's Off

One of the interesting things here is that Friday is the day off here. Yeah, the only day off. So, you know what that means. All the Iraqis get drunk and party on Thursday night. Lol. And yes, for those of you who thought like me, that there's a stigma on alcohol. NOPE. They get raging drunk just like us. They especially like to get drunk and drive by our FOB flipping us the bird. We just laugh. And, humorously, they have no minimun drinking age. That reminds me of a funny story. Me and this SSG are sitting in the back of a Humvee chilling waiting for the XO to get done with an errand. And of course, as we sit there, all the kids are driving up on their little scooters (I swear, all of them have one) asking us if we want to buy DVDs. These two ride up and I notice that the scooter is kinda swerving. The kid gets close and I swear he'd been smoking some wacky weed. So, the SSG and I are teasing him. "Dude, you're stoned out of your mind." He finally goes "3 beers!" and almost falls off his scooter. At that point, I'm ROLLING. Then he zips off, swerving all over the road. ROTFLOL!

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