Saturday, May 29, 2004

Crazy days...and fun trash cleanup...

Yesterday I saw something I did not think I would see here. We had an cleanup day in the apartments in our sector. I truthfully thought that no one would really come out to clean, especially since the apartments have been TRASHED for forever. When we rolled into the apartment complex, almost everyone was hard at work. Picking up garbage, sweeping sidewalks, trimming bushes. It was amazing. Iraqis actually taking pride in their living areas and putting in several hours in 110 degree heat to make it nicer. I swear we gave out about a hundred big trashbags. Amazing. After they got finished, the area looked SO GOOD. It was absolutely shocking. Actually, the shocking thing was that the majority of the residents wanted to do this at LEAST once a month. That's almost unheard of here. WOW. Maybe we are making a good impression here and positively influencing people. So, time to get back to work. B

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