Sunday, May 30, 2004


You know, you think that a weekend is just a construct of our 40 hour work week, but here, I feel myself much less motivated on the "weekend." Most times I don't even know what day it is, but I have a harder time waking up. (Yes, hardER time. We all know I have a hard time waking up as it is. Except this one time, I got a buddy of mine to wake me up and hand me a cup of coffee. That was awesome!) Anyway, so it's Sunday here and I have the wonderful opportunity to be in my PTs at 10 am! (Also drinking some WONDERFUL black coffee.)
So, another little story about the trash cleanup day. We're driving around, giving out trash bags and taking pictures of people cleaning up. We get to this one apartment were no one is working. So, we get out of the truck and are trying to figure out who is the apartment manager. Meanwhile, bunches of kids start showing up (I swear they have kiddie observation posts to track the CPT's movements). They're doing their typical "Meeeeester Meeeeester! Gimmie food. Gimmie water. Gimmie that. Gimmie this." (Donk, I know you know what I'm talking about here.) We're trying to get them to help out picking up trash but they (all of a sudden) don't understand any English. We're trying for about 5 minutes and then the Captain asks us for one dollar bills. He does nothing more than flash a few one dollar bills and the kids go NUTS! They're grabbing bags from each other, flinging trash in the bags, RUNNING to pick it up. It was like the Tazmanian Devil at work. Amazing what a simple good old American dollar bill will do here. If only everyone was like that. Here IGC, here's a dollar. Play nice with each other and get this country working again. You need candy too? Okay, here's two butterscotch disks. Go rebuild Iraq.
June 30th is going to be a VERY interesting time. Iraq is becoming a soverign nation. I have to say, it's pretty cool to be here at the birth of a nation. And for all of you who think the new government of Iraq will ask the American soldiers to leave. Not a chance. If that happens, they'll be a new government in Iraq the next day. Yeah, say Hi to Mr. Coup. The Iraqis do NOT want us to leave. They love having us here protecting them and keeping them safe. Do not let the media tell you different. B


Blogger Dave Solimini said...

"Sovereign," except in the ability to control their own army, make their own laws, determine their own foreign policy......

Blogger FSIO's World said...

But they are able to control all those things. And seriously, if you think we can get the Iraqis to do something they do not want to do, you're sadly mistaken. Iraq will decide things for themselves with us as advisors. They will be soverign. They may ask us for help, but rest assured, it will be Iraqis in charge of this country after June 30th.

Blogger Jess said...

Dave just wants to know when this planet will wise up and put him in charge ;-)


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