Saturday, February 26, 2005


As of 1900 hours tonight, I have fufilled my duties as a combat platoon leader in Iraq. For the past few days I've been training my replacement and his platoon on escort missions in Iraq. We've been preparing for this for about a month now and all that is left is to ride along and make sure he's caught everything I've tried to teach him. (We call it trying to drink from a firehose.) I think he's going to do an awesome job and hopefully will do an even better job than I have done. We'll see tomorrow how things go....
This step means I'm that much closer to coming home back the land of the big PX. I am very very excited not only to be home but to know that I've been able to serve my country and bring all my boys home safe and sound. I know we aren't quite out of the woods yet and please, I ask that you continue to pray for my and my guys for a safe return. Thanks so much for all the support I've received on here. B


Blogger membrain said...

You and "your boys" are in the thoughts and prayers of millions. Reading blogs such as yours has been a enlightening, if humbling, experience. I have been most impressed by the calibre and the common decency of the modern American soldier. As a Canadian, strongly in disagreement with my governments stand on Iraq, I want to thank you and "your boys" for your service to your country and the world.

All the best for the future.


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