Monday, February 07, 2005

First and Last Call....

On Saturday, at our nightly meeting, we were informed that one of our platoons was missing because they were currently conducting a BEER RUN. A large beer company had donated enough for each person in all of 1st CAV to have 2 beers for the Super Bowl and the Commanding General found it in his heart to waive the prohibition against drinking for that night. So, imagine with me, 4 heavily armed humvees escorting a flat bed truck completely FULL of beer down the streets of Baghdad. So cool.
My plan was to go watch the Super Bowl at 0230 in the morning and drink my two beers UNTIL I found out that we still had a mission in the morning. Grrr. So, I went over with some of my buddies when the place opened at 2300 and sat down with my 2 beers. Wow, sitting in the middle of Baghdad with an M-16 in my lap and two beers in front of me. :-D It was definitely an experience to remember. And in closing, it's amazing what two beers will do when you haven't had any in a LONG time. LOL. B


Blogger membrain said...

I imagine those beers went down might fine. To bad about the SuperBowl. Hope your mission went well. Cheers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brian- your post made me laugh because I remember Elias' first beer when he got home from Iraq- it got to him really quick, then he passed out asleep : ) Hope all is well, and look forward to hearing that you're home safe soon!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about this on NPR. That's pretty cool. Here's the link, if you want to listen:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figured you were a dork platoon leader. Always on the web while the Joes are out on the line. I was a grunt in 4ID when you were back in the states. You guys let things get out of control and corn holed the 1 AD because you stayed on the FOB (and the computer) insted of getting out and beating ass. So get back to writing insted of leading.



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