Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Back in Kuwait...

Hey all, I've been pretty busy moving myself and all our stuff to Kuwait. Yes, that's right, we're finally back in Kuwait. As much as I dislike sand, it is GREAT to be here. Because being here means that I'm almost home. :-) They keep changing the date on us, but as long as they're not planning to send us back to Iraq, I could care less.
Like 2 hours after I got into Kuwait, they put me on a detail for the next day. Wash rack. Yeah, we had to take ANOTHER unit's vehicles (ours were already done) to the wash rack for "the day" and get them cleaned. We ended up spending over 36 hours there, mostly just waiting in line to get the opportunity to clean the vehicle. It was a mess. I was so glad to get back to our camp, take a LONG shower, and sleep. Hopefully things will go more smoothly and we'll be out of here before we know it! B

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ylgurlz said...

BRO! I can't wait to see you!!