Saturday, January 08, 2005

Iraqi Elections

I've been asked to comment on the Iraqi elections and I will do so staying within my own parameters for information that I can put out on this forum.
I believe the Iraqi elections absolutely have to happen on time. I think that any delay will give the AIF (Anti-Iraqi Forces) the proverbial foot in the door that they need to continue their attacks against Iraqis. (And I say against Iraqis because for the most part, they have ceased attacking US military targets.) I believe the elections need to happen, even if a large number of the Sunni population refused to vote, because Iraqis will elect someone. Even if every Iraqi hates this person, he will still have been ELECTED in a true democratic election. He will have a "mandate" from the Iraqi people for the first time. He cannot be called an American stooge because the Iraqis elected him. I think no matter his motivations for running he will realize that the hopes of every Iraqi rest in him. Also, I believe that the few numbers of AIF forces that are truly Iraqi will give him a chance to prove that he can run this country. Those that are foriegn fighters will be driven out by the increasing potent Iraqi Army and Iragi National Guard. I may be wrong, and that comes from being an optimistic person, but I truly believe that elections on January 30th can turn this country from the brink of war to peace. A truly lasting peace that will allow Iraq to become a prosperous and powerful nation.


membrain said...

Thanks for that. I'm opptimistic about the elections myself, sitting here in the comfort of my office. I and millions of others really appreciate what you are doing in Iraq. Keep up the good work and stay as safe as you can. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

fjb said...

Glad to see you're still safe and optimistic. I hope you are right. I was asked by a friend to pass on this advice, and he says you'll probably appreciate it, or at least get a laugh: "Keep your ass down and your head up!" I think I have a good idea what he was getting at.:)

Darnell Clayton said...

I think your view (along with Iraq the Model's) is pretty accurate. The election will happen whether or not the day is bloody, bloodless or somewhere in between. Elections will go on in Iraq as scheduled. And when they do...the terrorists will shudder.