Saturday, October 09, 2004


Scared. It seems so harmless sitting there in black and white. Am I scared? No. Not really. Scared really isn't the word. My first 6 months in Baghdad were spent being randomly mortared and rocketed, so, there's no point in being scared. If that random thing gets you, it was your time to go. That sort of mindset has followed me over to my new job. I know there are bad guys out there looking to hurt me and my boys, but I can only do so much to prevent that. We have lots of procedures and very strong vehicles to protect us and I trust my men implicitely. I think cautious and observant would be two better words to describe how I feel. B

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fjb said...

Thank you so much for answering my question. It's been chewing on me since I posted it. I'm glad you have such a good attitude and mindset. Cautious and observant are probably the best things you can be.

I enjoy reading your blog, and it's refreshing to have someone willing to answer our questions. You guys are the ones that we should be keeping in our thoughts, and it's great to actually hear from you. Stay safe, and keep posting. :)