Saturday, October 09, 2004


A while ago, I posted about not having any rain or clouds for months. Well, that has certainly changed. Today was overcast and an actual thunderstorm rolled through. We only got light sprinkles but it was indeed wierd to have water falling from clouds in the sky. I almost stood out in it until someone reminded me how polluted the air and water are here. I then went quickly inside.
Supposedly Iraq has a rainy season were there are torrential rains. And even though they've had these for hundreds of years, drains where rainwater can flow out of the streets into the HUGE river have just never been more than an afterthought. And to top that off, the sewers back up too. (I'll just pause and let that mental picture waft over you.)

As for my job, it's definitely a totally different type and experience but it's causing the time to FLY by. I'm amazed at how much time has passed since I moved. If the rest of the time goes like this, I'll be home in no time at all. B

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