Saturday, September 18, 2004


I haven't been able to post in a while cause I got the call Monday evening to have all my bags packed in an hour and a half to move to my new job. So, here I am, in a TOTALLY different job having to learn everything over again. All my extensive knowledge of the Green Zone is now totally useless cause my new job entails me going all over Baghdad on missions. I'm still trying to decide how much I'm going to be able to reveal about what I do now, but I'll still try to post on things I know aren't classified, like how I no longer have an over abudant supply of hot water. And how after 6 months, Burger King fries can be the best thing I've ever tasted. So, I'll try to keep those sorts of things coming and let you know as much as I can about my job as it is now. Later. B


Alvaro Frota said...

Most times when I read some news in on-line press or read some comments or posts in Iraqi and American blogs, I have to tell myself:

_ Americans of USA are human beings too.

Even US foot soldiers that gonna mad and do violence agains Iraqi people is a human being. At least, their ass is on the line: in the next day, perhaps, some IED or RPG will led him to heaven, or not.

Even US pilots that don't refuse orders to drop cluster bombs and missiles in civilians towns and houses and do commit a war crime, they are humans to. When they will sleep in the next night, perhaps some mortars and rockets will provide they will sleep in peace forever, or not.

But, one US people wich this ass is not on the line, this people have not the right to tell nothing against Iraqi people, pro-resistance or whatever. This war is illegal and based on lies. There are no WMD. Saddan was a dictator, but without links with AlQaeda. Then, Iraqis do have the right to self defense their country, by the way of a guerrilla war or whatever. The only way to such people to support US troops is supporting the withdraw of these troops.

Some US American people knows what this Brazilian guy is telling you. Look The Iraq Photo Projet. They are apologising Iraqi People for the destruction and paine that US imperialism is doing to Iraq. Great Americans they are!

And the Brits, realizing that occupation of Iraq was based on lies, and realizing too that even to USA imperialism is imposible to win this war, are speaching about withdraw.

But, what will happen in October? More one call-the-cops-number false flag? A full scale assault of Resistance in Iraq?

If Bush wins, a full scale assault of US military in Iraq will be ordered? But, without a draft?

I invite you do discuss these ideas.

Aquele abra├žo

Alvaro Frota

Shar said...

I know its redundant to say it, but take care of yourself B and stay safe.