Sunday, September 12, 2004

Crazy Morning

It was indeed a crazy morning (for those who follow the news will know what I mean.) I was attempting to fall asleep when a long series of mortars started dropping all around the Green Zone. The definitely was the heaviest barrage that we've sustained in a LONG time. And to cap it off, they even tried to blow up our checkpoint (not something covered in the news). Again, though the bad guys tried really hard to, they didn't kill or wound any Americans in the Green Zone. They only managed to kill their own people. I think that's the saddest part of all this, most frequently it's not the Americans who bear the brunt of the shrapnel, it's their own people. B


Darnell Clayton said...

Ghetto! That makes me angry when cowards attack people in civilian areas! I hope that the Lord rewards their deeds upon their heads (may he fight against them always).

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Alvaro Frota said...

"That makes me angry when cowards attack people in civilian areas!"

Anonymous said...

Hey's Kristie..long time no talk! I am glad you are ok..and the guys you work with. Keep safe!...By the way I have some books I wanna send email me Oh and I moved back to VA....long story. Keep safe...take care :)