Saturday, December 11, 2004


I wanted to jump the gun on this post and address something that's been in the news a lot yesterday and today. It concerns the number of armored Humvees in Iraq right now. First off, the vehicle I ride in is the fully uparmored model and I've seen them take a thousand pound bomb and still protect those inside. So, please don't worry excessively about me over this.
Also, I feel like the media is solely concentrated on the exact NUMBERS of humvees in Iraq that are not uparmored instead of concentration on what MISSIONS those Humvees are used for. As some of you know, I rode around in a totally unarmored Humvee for 6 months while I worked in the International Zone. In that area, there is just no need for armored vehicles. Also, there are many in staff positions who only need a set of wheels to get them to their various meetings. These are only two examples of situations in which fully armored vehicles are not needed. For the most part, as many units as I have seen on my patrols these last few months, almost all have had fully armored or uparmored humvees. In my own personal opinion, this is just one more thing the media has grabbed a hold of to show how ill prepared we are here. And I believe that that just isn't the case. This does remind me of the huge protective vest (OTV) scare that happened right when I arrived in country. I do not how many remember back to that, but it was the same thing. The media grabbed a hold of the pure numbers of soldiers deployed verses OTVs without checking if everyone really needed one. So, please, don't freak out and think that we are all riding around in unarmored vehicles.

Also, I feel like I've ranted pretty good about the media over the last two posts but it does frustrate me a lot that they just aren't reporting the truth over here. I'll try to make sure that my next couple posts don't have anything to do with the media. I really will try.

One last thing and then I'll go. A reporter and photographer from Newsweek were here this morning taking pictures of my platoon. So, if you see a Newsweek with the armor story, let me know so I can see if we're in there. Thanks! B


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts on the armor. I think the reason why the media latched on to the story is because is resonates with the public. Even people like me who do not have any family or friends serving in Iraq care very deeply for all of you guys that are there! I sure want to know that our government is taking the best care of you and giving you the best equipment and training possible.

I sure hope a stable and decent country emerges in Iraq. It is worth a try because the benefits would be so enormous--bringing freedom to that part of the world. It is about the only thing that can really end terrorism at its roots.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article from Newsweek that mentions the 2/82 FA.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the honest assessment of what is truly happening over there. The media is our only source of info besides these boggs. Most of the time the news leaves me feeling angry because it's so onesided. Thanks for sharing. I'm also relieved to know you are safe and missed a potential hazard.
Love U,

Anonymous said...

I too appreciate the candor of your posts. I'm tired of the MSM because they actually seem to relish things that go wrong in Iraq.

Thank you for your service to your country and the free world. You are a part of history thta has the chance to make a positive change in the world.

Stay as safe as you can. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing okay Brian. I've had several collegues go over there. Most have know us AF types can't stay more than a few months :)

God bless and keep your head down.

Ed Keller

Darnell Clayton said...

Merry Christmas...and stay safe! God bless friend...