Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We got served a pretty nice meal with all the trimmings here. It was actually pretty good. The weather here was a perfect Thanksgiving day. A nice brisk 60's with a beautiful blue sky. All I needed was some football to play. Lol. Anyway. Happy Turkey Day to all!


Shar said...

Sending you a great big Happy Thanksgiving smile :)
Hope you get over that nasty flu soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late) Brian. I'm sorry to hear you've had the flu but glad your feeling better. I pray for you and other solders often (each time I hear or see a news report and at other times during the day). We miss you and look forward to the day you come home. Thanks for protecting our freedom.

Love Aunt Kathie

MonicaR said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you a little late - sorry. Just know that me and my girlies pray for you and for the Iraqis (the good guys) every night.

We smoked our turkey on the Weber. The weather was so foul that it didn't work quite as well as it usually does - but it was still good eatin'. Glad you had a dinner with all the trimmings.

Take good care.

Rob Thompson said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted you to know that we're thinking about you, praying for you, and thanking you for all that you're doing. I've been reading your blog a lot, but haven't actually posted, so here I am, stay safe!

Robbie Thompson